Assignments and Research


  • NZ IceFest 2012 and 2014:  Christchurch City Council. NZ IceFest highlights New Zealand’s leadership in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. This unique Christchurch festival focuses the world’s attention to the importance of the mysterious continent and its surrounds. Through creative and interactive experiences the Festival brings Antarctica to the general public, the Antarctic community and international visitors
  • International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research: 2013 McMurdo Dry Valleys expedition member: Science Outreach and Geomorphology field research. Web content development.
  • Antarctica New Zealand: Design and implementation of Antarctic science education resources for the newly developed Scott Base display at Kelly Tarltons Marine Education Attraction.
  • Human Interface Technology Lab, University of Canterbury: Content Design for iPad Virtual Antarctic Missions using augmented reality technology.
  • University of Canterbury: Course coordinator and lecturer for Antarctic Studies undergraduate courses.


Antarctic Field Research Support                                                                         

  • Terrestrial Biocomplexity Survey of Victoria Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys
  • Glaciology of the Ross Ice Shelf. GPR surveying of ice shelf structure and GPS survey of stake network
  • Glacial geomorphology rock sampling for Cosmogenic Dating at the Darwin Glacier, and Victoria Valley
  • Water chemistry and microbiology sampling at Britina Island
  • Installation of weather station nodes in a microclimate mesh network in McMurdo Sound
  • Geomagnetic observations at Lake Vanda, Dry Valleys
  • Temperature/Humidity data collection within the historic huts for conservation measures
  • Automatic Weather Station maintanence and data downloading

New Zealand Field Research Support

  • Snow hydrology research in the Jolly/Pukaki, and Temple Basin catchments
  • Glaciology field research on the Rolleston Glacier
  • Installation of Snow and Ice automatic weather station on Mt Philistine                  

University of Canterbury Glaciology Postgraduate Research

  • Masters Thesis: Digital Elevation Model for the Darwin-Hatherton Glacier, Antarctica.
  • Honours Dissertation: Ice velocity and dynamics, Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand.

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